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Anonymous asked: You have made the only periodic table I will ever end ever again. And I had one as a shower curtain.

Hahah, thank you! I actually had the same shower curtain during college :P

Anonymous asked: Anywhere I can see a full list of the characters in one place?

This is the only place I personally have published all the images, but I believe I once ran across a site on the internet that took all the characters and made them into a full list, but I cannot remember where at the moment.  Google might have the answer! :)

Anonymous asked: Hi😊 I'm 15 and I was wondering if you would be interested in making a tv show off your character of the elements. When I first saw them I was really surprised when I saw that they where based off the periodic table and they looked really cool and I loved it I immediately thought you should make a tv show off of it I would love to see it happen! 😊

Hi there! Thanks for your comment. :) I’ve actually been brewing ideas around in my head for an animated TV show (somewhere in the style of “Avatar - The Last Airbender”) for a long time now. Not sure if it will ever come to fruition, but you never know!

daleksvscybermen asked: Can you buy these in stores?!?!

Not yet, unfortunately! It may be an avenue I explore in the future, but for right now they are exclusively at my Etsy store. :)

Anonymous asked: Love your work. Just a question, though. How small is small? Like index card size or smaller?

"Small" generally means the size of your standard playing card, approximately 2.5”x3.5”. :)

Anonymous asked: hello I was worse ring do you mind if people were to cosplay your beautiful characters of the periodic table they are so cool and I would love to but I don't want to make you angry if you don't like people doing that

That would be awesome, thank you! Cosplay is a high form of flattery and I would love to see! :)

Just letting everyone know that there are more Elements cards back in the shop, since I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries lately. :)


Anonymous asked: When will there be more cards in stock? I'd really like to get my hands on some, but it seems you aren't currently selling them. :(

My next batch should be arriving sometime this week so cards will be available again very soon. :)


Sorry for the delay, but you’ll be happy to know that a fresh new shipment of Elements flashcards in the shop!

Grab yours today!

Thanks again for your kind words and support!


All characters and artwork © Kaycie D. 2011-2012